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movie review: snakes on a plane 2

Snakes on a plane!!! Originally uploaded by ckirkman. I think I still am in a state of shock. “Snakes on a Plane” was like a massive traffic pile up on the interstate. You slow down to gawk and then you keep driving. No, seriously, a state of shock. The movie lives up to its hype […]

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Boys and their toys Originally uploaded by dreadfuldan. If you should go I won’t have you to blame For my unhappiness for darker days. When will i learn it’s not your fault? Because breaking down cannot be cured by breaking up. New favorite song of the moment: “Peace and Hate” by The Submarines.

episode 6 – and i still don’t have an apartment Comments Off on episode 6 – and i still don’t have an apartment

Probably my worst episode yet. Play Quicktime version Play Flash version on YouTube.

when the crap did i grow up? Comments Off on when the crap did i grow up?

?The All American Business Shirt? – front Originally uploaded by maurice flower. In anticipation for the possibility of staying in Atlanta, I did some budgeting. About the time I was trying to decide which financial software would probably be best (as a independent contractor would I be better off with Quicken Home and Business or […]

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Manna Originally uploaded by espion. We had a commercial shoot today. I was in charge of buying the craft services. (Craft services are the snacks that are on set between meals. There is always food on a shoot.) I was given petty cash, a few instructions and was sent off to Whole Foods. About half […]