i’m going to blow up youtube

YouTube vs. CicarelliI came home from work at about 8pm.  Deadlines.  After discovering that if you use Pam, on the waffle iron, the waffles don’t stick, I sat down at my computer.  (There wasn’t anything on TV).  I checked NewsGator to see if any blogs I read were updated.  Then I wondered over to Blip.tv to see if there was anything good over there.  Not really.  Then I wandered over to YouTube and that’s when I saw it…my idea.

I couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing.  I used the slider to skim through the video.  I sighed.  Not only did they do my idea, but they did it better than I probably would have done.  Another sigh.  I remembered college.  I had so much free time in college.  I didn’t think so at the time, but I remembered spending whole afternoons trying to win Halo or watching VH1’s I Love the _______’s

It’s not like I didn’t have ideas.  I just didn’t have the time to develop them with work, …work… , and…work.. 

I rubbed my eyes. 

I realized it wasn’t completely true.  I had just as much time as anyone else, but I ended up spending the free time I did have doing things that were less than productive.  I needed to write.  I needed to flesh out my ideas and give them life before I saw some Frankenstein’s monster version on Revver.

I went to bed.