Monthly Archives: April 2008

ghostfakers 2

I think the guys on Ghost Hunters are big fakes.  Not because I think they falsify evidence.  Not because I think they lie about their personal experiences.  I actually think they are pretty much on the level about that sort of stuff. I think they are fakes because they still pretend to be plumbers. C’mon […]

lack of focus 1

I have so many writing projects going on right now, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  I’ve got a novel in development, a online blog-thing in the works, a short story to complete/work on and this site to post things to occaisionally.  What I am trying to prevent is me getting so burned out that […]

interview 1

I quickly changed into my blue shorts that I wore when I exercised.  They had lately only been worn to bed, but the weather was proving too tempting and I had decided to go for a run in the park. When I crossed Piedmont Avenue and entered the park at the 12th Street gate, I […]