texas polygamists

I haven’t been following this story (or any news, really) at all, but I feel compelled to say, just in case: these people aren’t Mormon.  I realize it can get confusing when all they do is put “Fundamentalist” in front of “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, but seriously, don’t let your tendency for conspiracy theories get the best of you; they aren’t the Mormon’s “dirty little secret”.  We don’t have anything to do with these people.

The macumbeiros (Brazilian voodoo) use lots of Catholic imagery and doctrine in their own rituals and beliefs, but that doesn’t make them Catholic.  They just take the Catholic ideals and go nuts with them…literally.  Just because these people may say they’re Mormon, doesn’t make them part of us.

Just wanted to clear that up (if it actually needed clearing).

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  1. Cyndi

    I’m glad that you posted that I think that it does need to be clarified. You’d be surprised at the number of people that DO think that this sick sect is connected with the LDS and that’s a shame.

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  2. Carlos

    I agree they are not part of you now. But let’s face it, you gave birth to them.

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  3. Katie

    Although, you say they have nothing to do with your church, they take the Church of LDS ideals, morals, and BIBLE, and follow them.. intently. Call them extremists or fundamentalists, but i would still be ashamed to know that i shared some of the same believes as they sick pedophiles.

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  4. Cindy

    I can’t imagine what the leader of this compound said to himself that allowed him to think that what he was doing was right (with anything but, most especially, God). I think that it is that he had power and, we all know, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I was a member of the LDS church for a time and the leaders there also have power over their congregations. That is the #1 thing that caused me to leave. However this guy apparently had much more power than they have and it went to his head because there is nothing in the Book of Mormon that I can recall that would make it alright for him to do what he did.

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  5. Dave

    I am absolutely appalled that a great country like the US can allow such things to happen. Those so-called elders should all be locked up as the paedophiles that they are. Their polygamous rituals simply perpetuates child abuse, genration after generation.

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  6. terry staub

    I’m glad to see that freedom of religion isn’t allowed to continue in the USA. Just think what would happen then.

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  7. paul

    This is nothing more than a sick way to justify incest, child abuse and rape, all under the name of religion. These sick people are subject to the laws of the land and the full weight of the law should fall on them. Sick, sick sick.

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  8. Debbie

    Since when is rape, and child abuse a freedom of religion? If ADULT women want to enter into this type of lifestyle, it’s their choice. Not a good choice in my opinion, but it’t their life, not mine. When a child is abused and used for the sick twisted perverts of this group, it needs to be stopped.

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  9. Blake Richardson

    I’m just curious… Are the authorities going to spend now until the rest of eternity harvesting this religion’s female babies the moment they are born? What about the woman who just gave birth? What about the women who will give birth in the coming months? What’s next – are they going to ask that the wives perform abortions if they carry girls? Is the act of prejudging every member of entire communities going to become the norm based on the complaint of one individual? What kind of future can the authorities give these girls that is more appropriate than what they have now? Is part of their master plan that they take these girls away so they be given the right to tell their parents to f-off before 18 when they want to start behaving just like Britney Spears? Or maybe they will have the right to be single moms out of wedlock at age 15? Or maybe they will be handed off to a sex trafficing ring at some point in the future? Does anybody remember what the 8th grade girls acted like and talked about in public schools on the Friday before the weekend? Does that make your world better and more moral than theirs bro?

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  10. Christine

    How does a mother let her daughter go through thease things? How dare u bring life into this world and not do everything u can to protect it.

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  11. I was watching CNN today and they had interviews with some of the moms from the “ranch”. I know that since they have been brainwashed they take on the persona of being quiet and brainless because they can’t even answer any of the interviewers questions honestly. They look like they even might be on some kind of drugs or something. Being brainwashed must be a horible thing.

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  12. Donna

    If you read Carolyn Jessop’s book, ‘Escape,’ you will see the real horror of it all and the outrageous doctrine these people hold to. The man who acquires the most wives gets his own planet when he passes on. You read right: planet. Likewise, this multiple-wife thing isn’t about a loving family, it’s about power – over women in general, over less-popular wives, over children, and female children in particular. Boys don’t have it easy either. In Carolyn Jessop’s book, there was an example presented of two FLDS teenagers who were obviously getting too involved with each other (male and female), so the ‘men’ ended up taking the teenage boy out to the desert, dropped him off, and told him never to come back to the community. There’s something really, really wrong here, and while this raid may not be the best solution to address the probolem, at least it’s some action that’s long overdue.

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  13. zbblack

    Yes, it’s all very appalling, isn’t it? The most appalling thing is the nature of almost every entry in this blog. Has anyone seen one shred of evidence yet? Is this really the USA? How many children have been raped and murdered without CPS or DCFS putting up a blockade and raiding a city block, taking away all the children? Children in every city in this country are more at risk for abuse and murder than any of these children!

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  14. peter3dogs

    All that needs to be done is for the men in this sick tribe be locked up forever.Then the women will have no asshole to tell them how to think&behave.Let the men spend some time w/prisoners that will take their heads off.

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  15. Amanda

    This raid on the ranch in Texas was a long time coming. Yes, children all over the US are being abused and killed, but Texas has the opportunity to put a stop to at least one of these communities. Warren Jeffs is a sick and powerful man that needs to be stopped. This isn’t about freedom of religion anymore. It’s about protecting and educating these children and women that are being victimized in what the sect wants to call religious beliefs. The FLDS are NOT Mormons. They are backwards, power hungry men, who want to control anyone they can. Unfortunately, until more people are educated about this lifestyle, nothing is going to change, and another compound will pop up, and it might be next door to you. Hide your women and children now!!

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  16. The women are trying very hard not to incriminate themselves. they all know they are guilty of polygamy and are so brainwashed. i feel so sorry for them. i feel awful for the children. these women would rather be with their husbands than fight for their children.

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  17. Elizabeth

    Yes, these people aren’t Mormon. AT ALL. They are descendants of people who once were Mormon who either were excommunicated or left the Church. The people alive today in the FLDS church have nothing to do with the LDS church. They may possibly read the same book we do, but they obviously are skipping parts.
    I feel sorry for the judge running this case. He/she is going to have a rough go for a VERY long time I am afraid.

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