about me

  1. I lived in Brazil for two years.
  2. I enjoy receiving hand-me-downs from my 5 older brothers and sisters, as well as handing stuff down to my little sister.
  3. I used to exert control with my hair style the same way that anorexics use food.
  4. I am not anorexic.
  5. I was such a good kid that when I was confronted by a teacher for throwing rocks at a kid, I got off scott-free while the other kid got in trouble for provoking me.
  6. I changed my major to film because a teacher I respected told me I had talent (plus, I enjoyed it).
  7. I’d rather be hot than cold.
  8. When I was a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist.
  9. I prefer reading kid’s books over adult fiction.
  10. I hate MTV, but I got addicted to Laguna Beach season one anyway.
  11. My graduating class had 9 people in it.
  12. I was elected class president because they knew I didn’t care about giving speeches at graduation.
  13. I wrote the speech half an hour before the ceremony.
  14. In it I quoted Green Day.
  15. My major in college changed 4 times; my minor changed 3 times.
  16. I researched cell phones for months before I purchased my first one. It ended up being the free Nokia that came with the rate plan.
  17. I hate thinking about money.
  18. I’d rather be ripped off than spend a significant amount of time trying not to get ripped off.
  19. I used to speak Portuguese fluently. I can still carry on a conversation, though.
  20. I think Portuguese is a fairly ugly-sounding language.
  21. I think that the happiest people I’ve ever met in the world were some of the poorest people I met in Brazil.
  22. Even though I grew up in the middle of rural Alabama, I don’t have a southern accent.
  23. In some way my genetically crooked teeth helps me feel a part of my family.
  24. I have ugly feet, but I wear sandals anyway.
  25. In my fifth grade standardized tests, I scored “Past High School” in everything except math.
  26. For years I used to vomit every time I ate at a restaurant (except fast food).
  27. I was really excited when my sister got chicken pox.
  28. I was even more excited when I got them a week later.
  29. When I was little I used to get so excited when someone played Super Mario Brothers, I’d jump from bed to bed until I was yelled at.
  30. I do not enjoy snakes.
  31. I almost ran my car into another one at a cemetery where I was trying to get a dolly shot for a student video project. (I wasn’t even in my car.)
  32. I was usually the first kid up on Christmas morning.
  33. Even though I went to a major SEC school, I’ve only been to three Alabama games in my whole life.
  34. I spent one summer in elementary school programming BASIC with an Apple IIe.
  35. Mormon.
  36. I’ve been robbed twice. The first was at gunpoint. The second was implied gunpoint. It was within two weeks of each other.
  37. I worked as a hotel housekeeper in Yellowstone National Park for half a summer.
  38. I’ve lifted a dead person.
  39. In high school, I hated cheating so much that if I accidently saw someone’s else’s answer to a question I didn’t know, I would leave it blank.
  40. I don’t mind other people having pets, but I will never have one.
  41. The first day I got my driver’s license, I ran off the road.
  42. I shop for shampoo by smell.
  43. I dressed in drag for a school function.
  44. I was almost a vegetarian when I was a kid – not for politcal reasons, I just didn’t like the taste.
  45. I didn’t walk for my college graduation.
  46. I didn’t learn to swim until 13 or 14.
  47. I went to a movie theater alone once and vowed I would never do it again.
  48. I used to shoot movies with my parent’s camcorder with my sister and cousin as actors – whether they knew they were in the movie or not.
  49. I was sitting on a porch when some people next door started shooting at the police.
  50. I’ve been to New York once – for about 9 hours and most of my time was spent in a windowless room. I loved it.
  51. Gay.
  52. I went to Vegas and hated it.
  53. I would hate to live in a suburb.
  54. I almost moved to Los Angeles after college.
  55. I love riding MARTA.
  56. I actually hate writing lists.
  57. I’ve read the entire Bible – in Portuguese.
  58. Kids generally like me, and I like them…generally.
  59. I’ve been hunting twice. Both times I wasn’t given a gun and didn’t even know what we were hunting until it was over.
  60. I’ve hitchhiked.
  61. I thought a hike was 9 miles. I turned out to be 18. We ran out of water 3 hours before the end of the trail.
  62. I thought Scream was incredibly cool…until I actually watched it years later.
  63. I drew an Abercrombie and Fitch ad for a school art fair. The teacher in charge opposed it because she thought it was too graphic (the girl’s navel showed and she was wearing low-cut jeans). Another piece I had in the show made it to state…where there were projects with full nudes.
  64. I took piano in elementary school but dropped it because I thought my teacher was weird.
  65. When I like a new song, I’ll listen to it on repeat…a lot.
  66. I once got into a heated argument with a friend who was also a dude three times my size.
  67. I don’t mind heights as long as I have a death grip on a rail or something.
  68. I sing loudly in the car – with or without the radio.
  69. I vote Democrat or Republican depending on the candidate.
  70. I sometimes like songs just for the lyrics.
  71. I have a love/hate relationship with the South.
  72. Utah creeps me out a little.
  73. I shave once a week. I need to shave twice a week.
  74. I don’t really believe in global warming.
  75. I think sleeping is kind of boring.
  76. I frequently lose my wallet. I’ve only lost it permanently once.
  77. I’ll pay more for good service.
  78. I enjoy foreign movies.
  79. I usually have a farmer’s tan in the summer.
  80. I’ve slow danced in the rain.
  81. I like the look on my niece’s and nephew’s faces when they see me.
  82. I like the popcorn flavored Jelly Belly Jellybeans.
  83. I’ve worked as a lab technician picking bugs out of pond water.
  84. I enjoy giving gifts.
  85. I’ve fallen asleep on a countertop.
  86. I think Jell-O tastes weird.
  87. I’ve fallen asleep while driving. I left the road doing 65 mph.
  88. I like NPR.
  89. The first time I rode on an airplane, I was 19.
  90. I hate malls.
  91. I’ve slept through a hurricane.
  92. I’ve been a cashier in a barbecue restaurant.
  93. I don’t like gory movies.
  94. I enjoy cooking most of the times.
  95. I sometimes like a song just because I like the music video.
  96. Funerals make me really uncomfortable.
  97. I totally didn’t guess that the guy in The Sixth Sense was really dead.
  98. I missed two final exams in college and one midterm. All different semesters.
  99. I really like pajama pants.