100 things

My list of 100 things to do before I die (work in progress):

  1. make a movie and submit it to film festivals
  2. write a novel
  3. backpack through europe
  4. join the peace corps
  5. mountain bike in moab, utah
  6. vacation in st. lucia
  7. learn a third language
  8. participate in a 10k run
  9. get a scuba diving certification
  10. visit the amazon rain forest
  11. go on a cross-country road trip
  12. go for a year without television
  13. go caving
  14. do a sprint triathlon
  15. bike across the country
  16. learn to surf
  17. visit every state
  18. live in Manhattan
  19. spray a stencil graffiti on a public wall
  20. return to brazil
  21. ride Goliath in its entirety with my eyes open