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Monday night I went to a screening for student movies made under the “Off the Set Films” banner. Before I saw their flyers all over campus, I’d never heard of them before. It appears to be an association of students interested in production that actually make movies together. Several others have tried similar endeavours and failed.

Screenings like this are usually a bit painful for me. Because most student movies, well, suck. Completely unwatchable. The suprising thing about this screening was that I didn’t want to run screaming from the theater. Many of the films were not only watchable, but dangit if they weren’t interesting as well.

Most of the movies were helmed by Ben Stark, Lee Fanning, Geoff Hug or a combination of the three. My personal favorite was Stark’s Prize of the Capstone. It had its flaws, to be sure, but one of the things that I admired was the quality of the acting. Since many of the Off the Set Films used the same actors, there were similar levels of acting quality.

As a mentioned to Geoff after the screening, the quality of filmmaking at UA is increasing slowly but surely. I can only think of a handful of filmmakers from my generation that are even worth considering, but it seems as though things are looking better and better with the rising generation.

I was going to write a more complete review of the movies, but I’m coming off an editing allnighter for the Enursha animation. I’m happy that I’m coherent enough to be wearing pants at this point.

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    I’m gonna go ahead and say everyone is happy you’re wearing pants.

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    Beautiful photo you’ve got there. ;)

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    I agree. Good job with it.

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