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to the mormons who are hurting right now Comments Off on to the mormons who are hurting right now

I have a fair amount of liberal LDS friends and this year has been a rough one for them. Today I read a blog post: It Hurts To Be A Mormon Right Now that I think summarizes how many of them feel at the moment. It’s difficult to know if that pain is isolated to those […]

intro to being an ally Comments Off on intro to being an ally

Your best friend is a gay Mormon and you saw the pain that she went through to acknowledge her sexuality and navigate her role in the church and her family. Or perhaps you saw the protests in Ferguson and wondered what if you weren’t white and your own kid was in that situation. Or maybe […]

some thoughts about controversial topics and the internet Comments Off on some thoughts about controversial topics and the internet

The Internet is like a newspaper…that tells you how much it hates you. –The Internet I’ve had some form of web site since 1999 and a blog (or a few blogs) since 2004. One of my various blogs was on homosexuality, particularly as it relates to Mormonism. I started it in the first part of […]

movie list for halloween (for grownups) 4

Look, I’m not saying Hocus Pocus isn’t be a fun little movie, but I’m a little surprised how often it shows up on Facebook when grown-up people solicit horror movies to watch for Halloween. I recognize that for a lot of people being scared isn’t a thrilling experience, but horror is often unjustly dismissed as […]

why i will never read “ender’s game” 6

I lot of people I know really like the sci-fi author Orson Scott Card, especially his most famous book, Ender’s Game.  As someone who enjoys reading (accessible) sci-fi, it’s been recommended to me time and time again, but I will never read this book.  I’m sure it’s great, but I can’t support Mr. Card’s writing, […]