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beers after work Originally uploaded by Gilfer. We had our second casting call on Saturday. We are going to have callbacks on Monday, but we have someone for every role, which is amazing since as of Thursday night we had only one principle role cast. More location scouting today.

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c01 Originally uploaded by Igor Mikus. This blog might be more interesting if I acutally used my own pictures, but…whatever. We had our first casting session last night. It ran from 6-9pm and it is amazing how tired I got. We had a pretty steady stream of people come in. We don’t have that many […]

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Yes! Ostrich Bite Originally uploaded by jgoldpac. I just got finished writing my computer program for my CS class when I was flipping through the channels and I saw Dirty Jobs was on Discovery. It was on ostrich farming. Bwahhaaaaaaaahhaaaa!!!!!! I admit that ostrich farming wasn’t as dirty as some of the stuff Mike Rowe […]

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Blink 182 – I Miss You Originally uploaded by MetaLEmOtAsTiC. It’s nice to know that my college education isn’t for naught; it allows me to recognize obscure references in pop culture. Example: I realized while watching Blink 182’s video “I Miss You,” that it probably was based on the Victorian short story “Christabel,” by Samuel […]

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Working Comfortable Originally uploaded by Mareen Fischinger. I started storyboarding the movie. A storyboard is what the movie would look like as a comic book (basically). A problem with this is that I am not a comic book artist (or any artist of the drawing type). I drew one sketch that got banned from the […]