Monthly Archives: April 2008

to the woman pulling her handbag tighter 3

To the woman pulling her handbag tighter as I walk behind: Come on, what is the deal? I see you frequently looking back over your shoulder at me. Do you think I am going to rob/rape/murder you? It’s 6:30pm on a Tuesday, Surely there is a better time for rape and murder than this. Do […]

reducing my personal dependence on foreign oil 5

For the last couple of weeks I?ve been taking MARTA to work instead of driving.  Every morning at 7:30, I get up, take a shower, get dressed and check my email (not always in that order).  I then walk two blocks to the Midtown Marta station.  I switch trains at Five Points and take the […]

open mic revisited 1

Open mic night went well (I guess).  People generally laughed.  I felt my story was a bit more pedestrian than the others and definitely had more of a ?cutesy? feel to it, but whatever.  Thanks to those who came!

open mic night 1

I’ll be reading one of my stories at open mic night at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur this Friday.  I won’t guarantee a new story – this’ll be my first open mic and I’m too chicken to read something new – but don’t worry, it won’t be the Santa Claus story.  Come if you want, show […]

texas polygamists 17

I haven’t been following this story (or any news, really) at all, but I feel compelled to say, just in case: these people aren’t Mormon.  I realize it can get confusing when all they do is put “Fundamentalist” in front of “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, but seriously, don’t let your tendency for […]