Monthly Archives: July 2008

leave kirby alone! 7

The title is best read while impersonating Chris Crocker. Poor Kirby Heyborne.  The ?star? of many LDS films has gotten not just heat, but outright rage against him for recently appearing in a Miller Lite commercial.  Comments on the Youtube page and around the bloggernacle express disappointment, outrage, and even throw around doubts to Mr. […]

night at the symphony 1

Will and I found a seat at the Woodruff Center Concert Hall.  The website said that admission to the Atlanta Symphony?s Sampler Concert was free, but insisted that you needed tickets.  When we got there, however, we found that they weren?t even checking for tickets and people were allowed to sit wherever they wanted.  I […]

ok, i realize that this is random… 5

but whatever.  So I’ve recently come to realize that the resting postition for my tongue is for it to be pressed up against the top of my mouth.  Is it like that for everyone?  I would assume that people’s tounges would let gravity take its course and rest gently at the base of the mouth.  […]

9 miles 2

Mile 0.0 I arrived at the Silver Comet Trail around noon.  I had the Monday off and after spending all morning in my apartment with little results, I committed myself to not wasting the second half of the day.  I pulled my bike out of the back of my car and started down the trail. […]