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i’ve been tagged?! Comments Off on i’ve been tagged?!

While I normally don’t do two list posts back to back…I don’t have anything else to write so: Tagged by Heather: 4 Jobs I’ve had in the past: Expeditor at BBQ restaurant (Best Butts in T-Town) Bio Lab Technician (picked bugs out of pond water) Hotel housekeeper (surrounded by Grizzlies) Kindergarten Translator (very energetic kid) […]

response to heather’s survey 3

Per Heather’s request, I’ve filled our her music survey. Like her post, these are in no particular order: Top Ten Favorite Band/Artist Death Cab For Cutie The Postal Service Blink-182 Muse Moby Chevelle Bush Hellogoodbye Taking Back Sunday Weezer Honorable Mentions: Sufjan Stevens, Linkin Park, Enya, Green Day Top Ten Favorite Songs Always – Blink-182 […]

tubing the hooch 1

Heather S. posted pictures of our recent tubing trip.  It was cold.

arrr! 5

So, according to Google, I’m the 3rd most important Clint Martin in the world.  I guess it helps that it is my domain name. Thanks to BeyondTV, I was watching Mythbusters this week.  They were doing a special on pirates (arrr…again) and they received a myth that pirates didn’t wear eyepatches because of eye injuries […]

so i come home… 3

I come home and I feel a little bit tired, so I lie down on the couch.  Eventually, I fall asleep and wake up three hours later!  At first I was all, “man, I’m lazy.”  Then I was all, “I don’t care, that felt great.” So there has been further developments on the TV show […]