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on being a single father 2

About a year ago, I rented Martian Child from Netflix.  In it, a middle-aged single writer reaches a certain age and, not having found someone to start a family with, adopts a kid on his own.  My interest in the movie stemmed from the thought of someday doing the same sort of thing.  I was […]

sample user names to convince my friend to use twitter 3

My friend, Brooke, is a … biostatistician?  epidemiologist?  I don’t know, something with AIDS.  In an effort to convince her to use Twitter, I came up with a few sample usernames she could adopt. (that’s nine o’s) and finally:

scary movies Comments Off on scary movies

Once when I was a kid, I had a nightmare about being chased by Jason from the Friday the 13th movies. The dream was completely inacurate, because I had never seen Friday the 13th, or even knew what Jason looked like. My entire experience with the film had been the VHS movie case at my […]

remember that time i went to san francisco? 2

The St. Regis Hotel in downtown San Francisco was probably the poshest hotel I’ve ever been in. The phone had a touchscreen LCD, which was kind of lame, until I discovered I could touch a button to have housekeeping sent up, turn on the “Do Not Disturb” light, raise and lower the blinds, and a […]