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Come one! Come all! Except little kids! And people who don’t speak English! (They won’t understand a word.)

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Remember that Frankenstein paper I wrote? Yeah, so I got the grade back today. 95!!!!! Ninety-freakin’-five. The highest grade in the class! Whoohooo! Before he passed the papers out, some asked the professor what the grade range was. He said that he almost gave an A+, but didn’t, he gave an 95. I wasn’t worried, […]

will i ever be rid of the 1906 san francisco earthquake? 2

I was perusing the hits from my SiteMeter and I realized that given that the name of my blog has an important-ish sounding title (I mean, american life, that sounds important or influential even though it is niether) and the titles of my posts are pretty random as well as the random photos….I get hits […]

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my desk at four am Originally uploaded by Michael Sarver. So, I’m thinking that in the past 48 hours, I’ve gotten 3 hours of sleep…if you add them all up. Being up for 45 hours does weird things to you. Your nerves are shot. You don’t realize that they are shot until the shot has […]

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Here is that Frankenstein paper I spent all last Saturday working on (.pdf 102k).