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ward bulletins and ocd don’t mix 3

In every Mormon church (and other churches, too, probably), there is what’s known as a ward bulletin. This is essentially the program for the meeting that Sunday stuffed with a couple of extra announcements and important phone numbers. This job is usually given to someone as their first calling (i.e. responsibility) in the ward. While […]

quick rundown of the last few weeks 5

Since I apparently can’t write anything that isn’t in numbered or bulleted form, here is a quick numbered/bulleted summary of the last few weeks: I went to my grandparent’s house in Idaho for a few days. I flew Frontier. Except for the fact that everything connects in Denver, it wasn’t a bad airline. It was […]

movie review: transformers 6

I like listening to people as they walk out of movie theaters.  When exited the theater after watching Transformers, I heard one nerd tell his nerd friend, “Well, it wasn’t what I had hoped for.”  I also heard complaints about the product placement in the movie (all the vehicles were GM). Let me first address […]

ode to intown ace Comments Off on ode to intown ace

I tried to find fishing line at Home Depot and then I tried at target.  Nothing.  Target had fishing poles, but not fishing line.  Seriously.  David suggested the Intown Ace Hardware on North Highland near our apartment.  I said I doubted that they would have it since Home Depot didn’t and as I was about […]