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once more with feeling 1

My directing class went pretty well today. We did read-thoughs of our final project scripts. I am afraid I get slightly frustrated when another member of my group tries to direct because I guess I feel it is my movie. I wrote it and I was planning to work alone, but he asked to join […]

write-wing 5

Heh, I think that is a clever title even if it has very little to do with this post. So, I had this long conversation with my mom yesterday. I’ve been feeling a bit bummed because I am having trouble finding my artistic voice and I’ve been having a general writing block. Nothing seems original, […]

piece of me Comments Off on piece of me

Last night I just watched a beautiful movie. Absolutely beautiful! Yeah, there was a sex scene I had to skip…. I’m skipping my class because it is raining. It was In America and it was told from the perspective of the little girl who had a camcorder. The family in the movie is Irish and […]

yep Comments Off on yep

Friend Shaun came to town. Ate Indian food. Didn’t write my script. Ate Chinese food. Bought Halo. Have no money. Sleep.

still no screenplay 1

So, I still have a screenplay due Monday and nothing. Absolutely nothing. At least the screenplay is only about 10 pages or so (which isn’t that much in screenplay format), but when you have no doable ideas, 10 pages is as much as 500 pages. A 500 page script would make a dang long movie. […]