Monthly Archives: January 2005

whoohoo, i wrote something disturbing! 3

Well, the whoohoo isn’t the necessarily for the disturbing part but for the “I wrote something” part. I wrote a whole short today. It is a dark, disturbing story with no happy ending, but hey, that is what I do best. I feel jazzed that I actually finished something (even if it is only 12 […]

dang, houses are expensive Comments Off on dang, houses are expensive

I had a Brazilian home-away-from-homesick dream in which I stayed in a beachhouse in Peruibe. Since it is 30 degrees outside or so, waking up was a disappointment. I promptly went to the internet looking for beach houses in Peruibe. Since I didn’t find any in the five to ten dollar range, I am afraid […]

have you been drinking, son? Comments Off on have you been drinking, son?

Yesterday we had to perform our scene in front of the entire class. We were chosen to go last and as the other groups got up, I realized that they had prepared way more than we had. Some had props and some we just really good. The best performance was the group that had “my” […]

i guess it could be worse 1

My DVD burner is utterly totaled, but it could be worse, it could have caught on fire. I was kind of ticked because it stopped working and destroyed blank discs, so I called Dell and with only me telling them that my drive was broken, they are shipping me a new drive. Warranties are cool, […]

night shift Comments Off on night shift

So, I got another job, or at least I am very nearly close to getting another job. Wait isn’t it kind of creepy that they advertise Levitra during Law and Order: Special Victims Unit? Yeah, about that job. Anthony tipped me off that the Tuscaloosa School system need people who speak Portuguese to tutor elementary […]