Monthly Archives: March 2007

“the mormons” on pbs 1

It seems as though PBS is taking on the Mormons. Not really. At the end of April, PBS’ Frontline and The American Experience is going to air a 4 hour documentary about the church called “The Mormons“. I watched the trailer and I can say it looks very well produced. Judging from the amount of […]

running 3

The Big Contest for Sheep :), originally uploaded by burak yilmaz. I reached the stop sign that I decided a block ago would be where I would start walking again. At least today my side was hurting instead of my chest. For the four millionth time in my life I decided I wanted to be […]

intercom 3

The Intercom We Never Use, For Fear of It., originally uploaded by Zach Klein. The light blinked on the concierge desk intercom. “I mean, I’m tired of her!” a beautiful twenty-something said to the forty-something who used to be a beautiful twenty-something. The concierge picked up the phone and called her manager because of the […]

hitching a ride 2

The Hitchhiker, originally uploaded by taylorkoa22. “Excuse me?” I heard someone say from behind me. I knew it was the woman who was sitting on the front porch of my apartment building. As I passed her on my way to my car, I gave her the half smile that was the most my face couple […]