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Well, I learned today that the judging wasn’t all that impartial at the screening last night. Not really injustice towards me, (although I did learn that once of the three judges liked my flick, whoohoo!) but more discrimination and special treatment amok! I could be completely wrong in this assumption, but two of the three […]

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According to the girl who did her director’s presentation on Monday, John Sayles once said that he is not interested in creating film art, he wants to tell stories about people. I have come to think that I am the same way. Last night was the screening and I thinik our film did fairly well. […]

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I almost fell asleep in a tree this weekend. I’m cutting class again. It was raining when class was starting, so I didn’t go. I’m excited about the movie streening tonight – I’m always excited about seeing one of my films on the screen.

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I turned it a final cut of “average life” that will be screened at UA’s end-of-the-year student screening at the Bama Theatre on Tuesday. You can see the DVD cover I designed, here. My blog entries have been pretty bland recently because, I’ve really only been doing the movie. So, I guess my life has […]