Monthly Archives: December 2006

it’s official. i graduated. 3

After a moment (make that 5 moments) of panic and a mental plan for an angry phone call to the Registrar’s office of the University of Alabama, I was able to find that, yes, my name was on the program for December 2006 commencement.  Congratulations, your diploma is in the mail.

movie review: pizza 1

I want to start this review by saying that I respect writer/director Mark Christopher for making Pizza. A lot of work, a lot of work, goes into making a feature film especially on a low budget. You have to really believe in the project to deal with all the setbacks (and there will be many). […]

in the woods 3

I thought that I would arrive early for my Dad’s retirement party, but by the time I pulled into the gravel driveway, there was scarcely any room left to park. I pulled my car behind my parent’s SUV and immediately regretted being late. I had thrown on a thin sport coat before leaving Atlanta to […]

episode 10 – "christmas special" 2

Play Quicktime version.Play Flash version on YouTube. Join us for a very Christmasy american life video.  Well, as Christmasy as you can get with dinosaurs.

halo 3 4

Okay, I’m not a hard-core Halo fan, but I just saw a trailer for Halo 3, and all I can say is, once it comes out, the PS3 is officially dead.  David just sent me the trailer for Gears of War.  Just great, now I want an Xbox 360.