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Deepa and Aruna Originally uploaded by georges. I spent most of work on Thursday at the Peace Corps website. I even filled out about half of the application. Then I got to thinking. While joining the Peace Corps is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, I realized the real reason I was interested […]

big controversy over “big love” 5

I just got a forward. I normally delete these suckers through a filter on my email that deletes all messages with FW: or FWD: (I’ve never gotten one that was worth it), but this one was sent via the Facebook which doesn’t have filters. I hate two things about forwards, 1. I don’t know who […]

feature-length 1

Late night flickering Originally uploaded by bayat. I was reading a screenwriting blog and one thing in the post struck me. In the post, he says (something to the effect of) you don’t get to pick and choose the time when you are a professional and getting paid has nothing to do with it. If […]

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Why does the school just leave the installation files for Office 2003 professional laying around the network for any cash-strapped student to find, download, burn to a CD, and install on their home machine? Well, I guess it isn’t just laying around the network. I had to look for it a bit…. Searching around the […]

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…you guys go on… Originally uploaded by aphasiafilms. Literally. I mentally explore a story for several days or even a couple of weeks before I ever sit down to write anything. I am in that phase with a script right now (the fact that I haven’t found my sister’s Word CD yet, has also delayed […]