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lit 1

Moleskine Macro Originally uploaded by Björn Amherd. I’ve now been to all my classes except for the editing one. I went to the African-American Literature class yesterday (it isn’t, as previously thought, African-American Womens Literature). One of the black girls in the class looked around and said, “No offense, but why are there so many […]

i am getting married – to my ipod nano 1

nano sheen Originally uploaded by XNDR. No really, even if I have to go to Massachusetts the little thing and I are getting hitched. I am walking around campus with my little white earbuds (like everyone else in the world) and it is like having a soundtrack to your life…done by Taking Back Sunday. Why […]

almost there Comments Off on almost there

Thinkville Originally uploaded by Seeding-Chaos. It is really sad and I know that almost as soon as I step into a classroom that my feelings with change immediately but…. I am ready to go back to school. Correction! I am ready for something to do. I am glad that it won’t be Calculus.

yet here we are… Comments Off on yet here we are…

resolution Originally uploaded by Orrin. The holidays came and went. I am less apt to move out to Utah when I graduate, the only problem is that that was kind of looking like my best option up until this point so…yeah…. I emailed a guy whose worked on many of the LDS films that have […]

t-town: the return Comments Off on t-town: the return

Nano Glow Originally uploaded by gluoma. I’m back in Tuscaloosa – I had to babysit my brother’s kids last night. Got a black iPod nano for Christmas. It’s cool.