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so when did yahoo take over the world Comments Off on so when did yahoo take over the world

Yahoo! 2006 Frontpage Revamping Originally uploaded by Richy!. My Yahoo! account was old…real old. I kept hanging on to it because it was my first and last name. There were no numbers, dashes or dots. But I was getting thousands of spam messages a week. It was time to move on. Instead of simply abadoning […]

yet another reason why academics irritate me Comments Off on yet another reason why academics irritate me

in the stacks Originally uploaded by eclecticlibrarian. Seriously. I got my paper back from my American Cinema class. My grammer stinks and I don’t completely expound on ideas – these things I am familiar with and accept. What annoys me was the comment that my writing style was too informal or casual for an academic […]

movie review: favela rising Comments Off on movie review: favela rising

favela rising 3 Originally uploaded by alizinha. I went to UAB tonight to see Favela Rising. I skipped my film class screening tonight (I’ll just borrow Red River from my dad) to go see it. It was the movie I really wanted to see at the Sidewalk Film Festival last year but chickened out when […]

collage montage of death and love Comments Off on collage montage of death and love

Going Underground Originally uploaded by Monster.. I scrambled this weekend. It was amazing. I have to admit there was a bit of apprehension before the weekend started. I thought it might suck. Scramble films usually do. Mine did. Once we got started, I realized that this film wasn’t going to suck. It has its issues […]

fatal error Comments Off on fatal error

iPhoto dialogue spoof 4 Originally uploaded by inkswamp. If I had it all to do again I would have never gone anywhere near the Computer Science department. I am well on my way to failing a class.