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scramble scores Comments Off on scramble scores

Here are the scores that I got in an email from the Scramble people: Here?s how this works. The scores listed here for your team are averages of the five judges. The scoring was on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the best. Each juror gave a 1-10 score for each team in the following […]

expectorant is a horrible description for a drug Comments Off on expectorant is a horrible description for a drug

Even though the medicine in the gel-cap is blue and looks like blue Kool-Aid, it will not taste like blue Kool-Aid when you bite the thing. Dang, I spit that thing out so fast. That is some nasty stuff. You just assume that because it is blue, it wouldn’t be the case. No so my […]

not in the top 15 Comments Off on not in the top 15

So, as it turns out, we didn’t make the finals. I can kind of see that. Our flick is a bit more mainstream and festival pics are usually a bit more offbeat. Amazing as it may seem, it is a little difficult for me to be offbeat. Another weird development, I used to be able […]

manson-lite Comments Off on manson-lite

So, My Chemical Romance seems to be what would happen if you crossed Maralyn Manson with Blink-182. A Manson-lite if you will. I have to admit that the dead ballerina dance in their new Helena video is pretty cool. Still no word on the film contest. Everyone got an email last night saying the results […]

the suspense is slightly annoying me! 1

They (the Sidewalk people) still haven’t posted the top 15 winners on the website. They are supposed to do it sometime today, but who knows when they will ever get around to it. Punk kids. So, how long has Beaner and Ken been off the air? I haven’t listened to the radio in forever and […]