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dekalb county recorder’s court 12

Governmental blackmail is what it is.  You can have your day in court, but they make it so difficult that most people just give up and pay the fine.  Including me. Let’s start at the beginning. A couple months ago I was involved in a traffic accident in which a woman ran a red light […]

amc monsterfest 2006! 1

AMC Monsterfest is underway!  Download the schedule before there’s still time!

adventures in babysitting 1

It was around 10 am and I decided that I probably had enough time to change out of my pajamas.  While I was in the bathroom putting on my jeans, there is a knock on the bathroom door, “Uncle Clint?” “Just a minute.” Then the screaming.  It didn’t sound like painful screaming, but there still […]

waxing political 2

I generally avoid political discussions because I don’t really care so much. Most of my friends are really conservative and most of the people I work with are really liberal. I fall somewhere in between (but to be honest, I find myself becoming more conservative as I get older). I tend to avoid Bush-bashing because […]

wired Comments Off on wired

take off time Originally uploaded by **sirop. Finally. Finally I have the internet at home. I’m not blogging from there…but from my brother’s place in B’ham where I am sitting his kids with my sister. I officially have a Georgia driver’s license. Last week I did the offline edit for a jewlery store in Atlanta. […]