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off the set 3

Passing Moment Originally uploaded by suffe. Monday night I went to a screening for student movies made under the “Off the Set Films” banner. Before I saw their flyers all over campus, I’d never heard of them before. It appears to be an association of students interested in production that actually make movies together. Several […]

movie review: v for vendetta Comments Off on movie review: v for vendetta

V for Vendetta Originally uploaded by Cinencuentro. I have to admit that I had to do a Wikipedia search for Guy Fawkes after watching Warner Bros. V for Vendetta. Fawkes was a British man who was arrested in the attempt to blow up British parliament. The title character V in V for Vendetta shares Fawkes […]

a tendency to maintain momentum Comments Off on a tendency to maintain momentum

I ended up wasting all of today. It was going to be productive. I started out productive, but before I realized it, the day was over and very little of value had been taken care of. I washed the dishes, at least. Friday night I went to the first concert I’ve been to in a […]

dude, mormons are awesome Comments Off on dude, mormons are awesome

What do you do with tons of people that have knitting skills? Why, save the world, that’s what. Make sure you click on the photo link.

in over my head? yeah, probably Comments Off on in over my head? yeah, probably

IMGP5466 Originally uploaded by mikek. Everytime I have gotten over my head production-wise, however, the outcome has been great. You remember what I wrote earlier about my final project for this semester? You remember that I said that it would be amazing. I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking, “everything you do is amazing.” […]