Monthly Archives: August 2007

it ain’t easy for a flake 2

One of the worst parts about working in production is that it instantly turns you into a flake. “Do you want to hang out Sunday night?” “Um…actually we got a call on Friday night and we are shooting on Sunday.  Sorry.” (Click) That conversation didn’t really happen.  But it could have.  Because I was working […]

the sound of crunching numbers 1

I walked into the lobby of the large skyscraper. An enormous window towered several stories above of me. I had just come down the elevators from one of the largest advertising agencies in the country. Our executive producer had spoken with them the previous day and they had requested the reels of our directors, the […]

famous people are like cookies 8

I’m not sure exactly how, but I’m sure there is a metaphor there somewhere. I’m not really one to get star-struck, but then again, I’ve never seen a “star.” The closest I have come to was to shake hands with one of the Mormon Apostles. I think he was taken aback by my (at the […]

why “friday night lights” is the best sports movie ever 2

I like all kinds of movies. My range goes from sci-fi to romantic comedy to horror to kid’s movies. I just really like movies. There is one genre that I generally hate: the sports movie. They just seem so tired and cliched. Even when the movie is a bit unconventional, it seems to only be […]

so what happens when you fail at hogwarts? 2

So, how’s this for an annoying dream? I dreamed I was a student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry (which looked strikingly like my high school). As I was walking to class, books in hand, I thought, “I’m 25. Why am I still in high school?” The questioning of the situation continued as I […]