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in real life 2

The clients had yet to come into the edit suite to take a look at the spot that I had spent the last two days cutting when a friend of my boss poked his head in. ?Here you go,? he said, pulling out a DVD. ?What?s that?? I said. ?It?s Dan In Real Life,? he […]

gone baby gone 1

Okay, that’s the last gritty crime drama I watch for a while. Holy crap. Great movie, but intense. I loved him in Lonesome Jim, but it was this movie that cemented Casey Affleck as a lead man for me. If you liked The Departed, you’ll love Gone Baby Gone. The barsteraunt next door is having […]

if i have to type one more line of html code… Comments Off on if i have to type one more line of html code…

…I will do nothing… but I will be rather cranky. I guess that just means tomorrow I am going to be cranky.  I’ve been redesigning the company’s website.  I used a template that I twisted to my own nefarious purpose.  Can I come up with my own ideas?  Usually not. Okay that was weird. So, […]

hotel rooms 2

I don’t know why checking into a hotel room makes me feel very grown-up. I don’t act all that grown up when I am in one. I leave the wet towels on the floor. Pillows usually end up scattered throughout the room. Maybe I don’t feel like a grown-up when I am in a hotel […]

famous people are like cookies 8

I’m not sure exactly how, but I’m sure there is a metaphor there somewhere. I’m not really one to get star-struck, but then again, I’ve never seen a “star.” The closest I have come to was to shake hands with one of the Mormon Apostles. I think he was taken aback by my (at the […]