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Indian test pattern Originally uploaded by chephren. Since my last exam is Thursday, that is the day when I have to start looking for jobs…. Now I have to create my demo reel.

primer showing at bama 6 1

I was checking showtimes for the new Narnia movie at Fandango when I discovered that Primer is being shown at the Bama 6. A while back the Bama 6 decided it was pretty much impossible to compete with the new, glitzy Hollywood 16 and started showing second-run movies for $1.50. I’m sure they got Primer […]

first movie review ever 1

My first movie review appeared today in the Crimson White. We got a higher rating than Aeon Flux, heh.

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The premiere went pretty good. I was a bit nervous, but I am glad to have it all over with. 

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Here is the Crimson White article about Sympathy.