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living in a cardboard box 1

a box for every cat Originally uploaded by Kevin Steele. No, I am not FedExing my boss’ cat. When you search Flickr for “box” you get lots of cats in cardboard…as well as some weird nudes that I don’t feel like discussing right now. In anticipation of my internship drawing to a close and the […]

fireside Comments Off on fireside

spark Originally uploaded by eforrest. I went to a fireside last night with Richard G. Scott. This makes the third time that I heard him speak (in person, anyway). The first time was on my mission in 2002, the second time was last year at a leadership conference in Birmingham and last night. He said […]

cell phone rant rant 3

Vadr Originally uploaded by Pascal__. Okay. That’s enough. I’m tired of people whining about cell phones. I just got through listening to a BBC documentary podcast aired by PRI’s Changing World series. In it there was plenty of old codgers (it is the BBC, after all) complaining that the minute someone pulls out their cell […]

demon cat Comments Off on demon cat

Fight the power! Originally uploaded by Kevin Steele. I live with a cat. It is not my cat. This cat likes to sleep in my bed. This is not a problem. The problem is that the cat seems to enjoy waking me up every 3 hours by screaming into my face. This is a problem. […]

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Per my habit of finding cool content on the web, I just discovered (yet again, I seem to be a little late in finding this one) a podcast that has hour-long steady-bpm mixes for running with your iPod. Check out Podrunner here.