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marta haiku 1

The next station is midtown: exit for your small upstairs apartment.

ira glass on storytelling 1

While I loathe blogs that are random-video-heavy, I loved this clip from This American Life‘s Ira Glass.  His advice is to people making YouTube videos, but it is relevant for everyone trying to create in any medium.

hilltop 2

I sat behind the wheel of my small two-door Toyota.  My friend sat in the passenger seat and we looked out over the small college town where we both went to school.  She had grown up in the town and when I wrote to her over IM asking if she had time to talk, she […]

screen on the green 2008 2

Screen on the Green has been moved to Centennial Olympic Park this year and has the following line-up: May 29: Jaws June 5: Big Momma’s House (…really?) June 12: Chicago June 19: ET June 26: Footloose I’m in for Jaws, definitely, but the rest I could take or leave, but hey, JAWS!

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I brushed the lock of hair out of my eyes for the millionth time as I stared at the blank Word document.  It was a novel this time, something edgy and raw, something that would be shocking in its honesty and its realism.  I set the scene and threw in descriptors.  I revealed enough in […]