Monthly Archives: December 2004

just go on already Comments Off on just go on already

I have that song “Come on, Come on” by the Von Bondies stuck in my head. They sing “come on, come on” after just about every line. Which now means it follows every thought I have. “I wonder what I can eat for breakfast. Come on, come on. Maybe some cereal. Come on, come on.” […]

change 1

After hanging out with some people tonight, I’ve realized just how different my life is now and how different it will be. I don’t really have the same friends that I used to and actually I don’t have many friends at all anymore (at least close by). Circumstances changed. People changed. I changed and am […]

it is hard to take a picture of a trail Comments Off on it is hard to take a picture of a trail

Also, the quality of the pictures aren’t the best because they are freeze frames taken from my camcorder, but hey. Sokol Park Gate

my foot’s fallen asleep Comments Off on my foot’s fallen asleep

Yet, I am doing nothing about it. Christmas was good. With only Bev and I going to Magnolia for Christmas, I thought it might be a little disappointing, but it wasn’t. Mom and Dad wake up earlier than we do these days, so I find it funny that they woke us up with their movings […]

watching television all afternoon 2

It’s not exactly a revelation, but as I am watching That 70’s Show I realize how much I am like Eric. I think I even had that hair at one point and I grew up in the nineties and everything. Man, I’ve watched too much TV lately. Speaking of Napoleon Dynamite (it was in a […]