Monthly Archives: May 2007

90’s music was so fun! 12

So there I am trying to script out this pilot for a TV show I came up with when I noticed one of those premade playlists that iTunes has to sucker you in.  90’s One Hit Wonders?  Consider me suckered.  I started listening and was soon laughing at the memories these songs were conjuring.  For […]

going to la! 6

So, I’ll be going to L.A. in a couple of months to work as a editor/director’s assistant for a TV show for VH1. More details to come. How awesome is that?!

beach trip 3

I leave today!  Whoohoo!  I need to pack….

wow 3

Sometimes I amaze myself at what a horrible friend I am.

loser 2

Okay, for all my pretentious touting of indie film and overly artistic media, I have one guilty pleasure that my friends have come to accept. I love 90’s teen movies I watched Loser on my DVR tonight. Naive kid from the midwest goes to college in New York? How could that not be cinematic gold? […]