Monthly Archives: October 2007

hotel rooms 2

I don’t know why checking into a hotel room makes me feel very grown-up. I don’t act all that grown up when I am in one. I leave the wet towels on the floor. Pillows usually end up scattered throughout the room. Maybe I don’t feel like a grown-up when I am in a hotel […]

thunderstorms 2

Right now, there are thunderstorms sweeping through Alabama.  I remember sitting on the front porch swing as a kid when the storms would come in.  The electric air would roar through and bend the tops of the trees.  The smell was fresh and new.  The sky was a deep, dark gray.  The earth shook.  I […]

swearing 1

I’ve never really been a big swearer. I can count on two fingers the number of times I dropped the dreaded “F” bomb. The first slipped out after I made a minor error. I wasn’t even upset, just surprised. The second involved a cockroach and I still feel no remorse over that one. I generally […]

thoughtlessly living our lives 4

Literally. I was thinking of something to write about. I started to write about The Copyeditor’s Handbook which I bought as a result of its huge recommendation by Sarah. Shortly after flipping through it, I decided that grammar was a complete impediment to communication. Then there was nothing. I thought, “maybe I’ll write some random […]

on being mormon in the entertainment industry 5

So, it isn’t always easy to be Mormon in the industry that I am in. People are generally very respectful to me, but it is not uncommon to have long conversations go on around me about how organized religion is the opiate of the masses, etc. This tends to happen…a lot. A common thread is […]