Monthly Archives: February 2007

mpaa caught pirating 2

I was on Digg and I saw this story. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a techno-political rant, but this story is perfect for ranting. The MPAA, the same people that brought you blanket lawsuits for anything it views as piracy (and it views a lot as piracy), turns out to be just […]

projecting 1

David’s GPS insisted that we continue on the Interstate, but a quick glance at the hand-written directions confirmed that it was our exit. David put on the blinker and merged right. “Turn around,” the GPS complained, “turn around.” We’d been driving for about forty-five minutes and were now surrounded by the trees and fields that […]

gun 4

I was sitting in the Elder’s Quorum of church barely paying attention. Unfortunately, like many guys my age I found Elder’s Quorum to be the slowest part of church. The instructor was doing his best to adapt the family-oriented lesson to his exclusively single class, but few people were buying it. I wondered how long […]