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Fed Ex Originally uploaded by ryanbooth. Fedex deadline remind me of paper deadlines in college. You have to have the paper in the professor’s box by 4:30 or it will not be accepted. I’m thinking how can these people get away with only working until 4:30? I find it interesting that the day I link […]

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It may not look like it, but I actually am working right now. Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran were both on G4’s Attack of the Show (the nerds will know what it is, the unnerds won’t care). Apparantly they got married and are traveling around the world in a year-long honeymoon. Don’t stop reading, it […]

proof that starbucks may not be evil (but I may be) Comments Off on proof that starbucks may not be evil (but I may be)

Who will come and have a cup of mocha with me? Originally uploaded by bitterlysweet. I fell asleep in the office last night. Before you feel sorry for me or incredibly impressed with my work ethic, I was waiting for the computer to convert a large file by watching Adult Swim on the plasma TV. […]

fix 2

hank and dean Originally uploaded by woolennium. I may not have cable, but thanks to the Adult Swim Fix I was able to watch the season premiere of the Venture Brothers. The henchmen support group was hilarious! I went to Tuscaloosa this weekend to see a friend who is recently married. Her husband seems pretty […]

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MacBook Pro Originally uploaded by nobihaya. Dangit if I’m not slowly converting to mac. I want a MacBook Pro.