Monthly Archives: September 2008

25 Things A Gentleman Should Know How To Do 3

It’s been a while since I’ve done a meme.  With this one you are apparently supposed to bold all the ones that apply. 1.Change a flat tire Heck, yeah sucka.  I don’t need no stinking triple-a. 2.Tie a bow tie So, apparently gentleman=dork? 3.Carve a turkey Um.  I can make a paper one with my […]

“higher” education 2

Yvonne asked me to read one of my stories to her freshman English class at Georgia State on Wednesday.  I’m pretty excited.  Apparently it is going to be the whole deal: reading followed by questions and an attempt at answers. I’ll try to keep my answer of “it was the night before the due date […]

i’d like to bear my testimony… 10

You know there is always that one testimony every month that makes everyone feel really awkward, avoid eye contact and makes everyone shift uncomfortably in their seat? Well, I decided to get that one out of the way early this month. I just wanted to let everyone know why I am here. My entire life, […]

Loosiers 2

I maintain that had I gone to school up in just about any other part of the world, I would have been considered a normal kid.  Average.  Incredibly average.  As it was, I attended Catherine Academy, a tiny school next to the train tracks in Wilcox County, Alabama.  I?ve yet to meet another Salutatorian that […]