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Personal essays written in narrative style.

Loosiers 2

I maintain that had I gone to school up in just about any other part of the world, I would have been considered a normal kid.  Average.  Incredibly average.  As it was, I attended Catherine Academy, a tiny school next to the train tracks in Wilcox County, Alabama.  I?ve yet to meet another Salutatorian that […]

night at the symphony 1

Will and I found a seat at the Woodruff Center Concert Hall.  The website said that admission to the Atlanta Symphony?s Sampler Concert was free, but insisted that you needed tickets.  When we got there, however, we found that they weren?t even checking for tickets and people were allowed to sit wherever they wanted.  I […]

9 miles 2

Mile 0.0 I arrived at the Silver Comet Trail around noon.  I had the Monday off and after spending all morning in my apartment with little results, I committed myself to not wasting the second half of the day.  I pulled my bike out of the back of my car and started down the trail. […]

running 3

?Hi, my name is Robert, and this is my podcast?.  After we start with our usual brisk 5 minute warm up walk, we will then jog for about 28 minutes or 2 and three-quarter miles.  So if you?re ready, lets get started with our brisk, warm up walk?.? In my iPod earbuds, forty-three year-old Robert […]

6am Comments Off on 6am

I woke up much earlier than normal.  Dinosaurs were invading my childhood home in my dreams, which didn?t work wonders for my sleeping. Besides the dinosaurs, there were thoughts and concerns over my career and direction in life.  They were thoughts that adults had and I wasn’t quite sure I was comfortable with them. A […]