Monthly Archives: March 2008

in real life 2

The clients had yet to come into the edit suite to take a look at the spot that I had spent the last two days cutting when a friend of my boss poked his head in. ?Here you go,? he said, pulling out a DVD. ?What?s that?? I said. ?It?s Dan In Real Life,? he […]

january 31, 2002 2

The sky threatened rain, but the gaze of the missionaries was fixed on the sidewalk in front of them ? one more discussion in which the investigator had said he wasn?t feeling anything and wasn?t interested anymore. A revivalist preacher had set up camp in a parking lot and, with speakers larger than Volkswagens, was […]

what i learned in kindergarten was a load of crap 6

When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up. We couldn’t wait to be big so was could do all the things we spend all day pretending to do: be astronauts, dig up dinosaurs, drive cars. Is is right to let kids dream? Is it right to let them reach for the stars? What […]

totally unaware 4

Thanks to everyone that called to check up on me last night. I didn’t even realize that the weather was as bad as it was. I was up in the north part of town playing Rock Band at a friend’s house. This morning as I check CNN, I am kind of amazed. I was having […]

the problem with a bad mood 4

The problem with a bad mood is that you don?t want to do anything. I don?t anyway. I have all this frustrated energy when I am in a bad mood. Containing that energy is tiring, yet I don?t know how to release it. So, I lose physical energy as my frustrated energy increases. This means […]