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to much time on my hands? Comments Off on to much time on my hands?

Definitely. But whatever my issues are, Ashley can’t park. Yes, I spent most of a day making a novelty web site about a friend’s lack of parking skills.  No, I haven’t bought new tires, yet. But what a cool site, right?

death cab! pictures! Comments Off on death cab! pictures!

Wanna see pictures from the Death Cab For Cutie concert?  Head on over to Heather’s blog.

10 weird things about me Comments Off on 10 weird things about me

I got this from another blog I read semi-regularly: 1. I know more about The Lord of the Rings series than I let people believe. 2. I like emo. 3. My high-school closed down because it was too small.  The gym was turned into a garage for 18-wheelers.  Now the garage is closed down. 4. […]

back in the atl Comments Off on back in the atl

I have a neighbor across the way.  His bathroom window is inline with my bedroom.  Almost every morning he (shirtless and not a person that should be shirtless…ever) leans out his bathroom window and coughs.  Great big whooping phlegmmy coughs.  These echo into my bedroom.  I’d rather not have them echoing in my bedroom. Ew. […]

taylor’s birthday party video Comments Off on taylor’s birthday party video

For all those interested (you know who you are), here is the video from Taylor’s birthday party.