Monthly Archives: February 2008

gone baby gone 1

Okay, that’s the last gritty crime drama I watch for a while. Holy crap. Great movie, but intense. I loved him in Lonesome Jim, but it was this movie that cemented Casey Affleck as a lead man for me. If you liked The Departed, you’ll love Gone Baby Gone. The barsteraunt next door is having […]

singled out 1

I went to a co-ed baby shower/barbecue last night for my friends Heather and Ryan. It wasn’t until Jey showed up that I was the only single guy there (Michael is engaged-doesn’t count). I ended up watching someone’s baby for most of the night. Really. I wasn’t opposed. I love kids. This one was cute […]

parenting under the influence 3

A coworker and I went to eat lunch at our boss’ favorite restaurant today (Taqueria Del Sol, check it out). He wasn’t with us. It wasn’t malicious. It just happened…without him. Anyway, while we were there we stood in line behind a dad with his cute little girl. I love kids. They’re fun. So this […]

if i have to type one more line of html code… Comments Off on if i have to type one more line of html code…

…I will do nothing… but I will be rather cranky. I guess that just means tomorrow I am going to be cranky.  I’ve been redesigning the company’s website.  I used a template that I twisted to my own nefarious purpose.  Can I come up with my own ideas?  Usually not. Okay that was weird. So, […]

and the world spins madly on 4

It?s kinda amazing how time trudges relentlessly on.  Sure time can seem to go fast and slower at times, but sometimes it passes with almost brute force.  Then again, maybe I am just getting old. In this week?s episode of Free Radio, Tony Hawk is wearing my iPod headphones. I?m stuck on apartment decorating.  My […]