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DSC_9215 copy Originally uploaded by zednanreh. We just got power back this morning. Apparantly we had fish in the freezer – probably still there from when Bryan lived here. A day and a half without power doesn’t make fish smell very good. I got very little sleep Monday night. It had little to do with […]

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Click below to read the article. | University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

hurricane katrina coming 1

tropical storm katrina Originally uploaded by RandomlyRoaming. So, the hurricane is coming to kill us all. The guy on FOX New channel was calling in from his cell phone from a bar on Bourbon Street. The report went something like this: “I’m here on Bourbon Street where the daquaris are flowing and there are people […]

inuyasha both sucks and blows 2

virginia sunrise Originally uploaded by subtle_locksmith. Well, it does. My hours got cut back at the mall, so it’s a good thing that I’m starting work at the equipment room. I have twenty “Tuscaloosa News” from August 24, 2005 sitting on my floor. Someone I know wanted at story out of them, gave me the […]

8am 2

alarm clock Originally uploaded by creativepork. Eight in the morning is so early. So early. I guess I am exagerrating, but this past summer I was sleeping in until 10am, something I hadn’t done in…ever. My 8am class is pretty cool, though. It is Romantic Literature (as in Lit from the Romantic period, no Fabios […]