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Dual 23" Apple Displays Originally uploaded by sharl. We have one more day of principle photography left on the 389 movie. I’m tired. Editing sucks. I have made a couple of clips of “video game” footage that, while they are slightly lame, I think are pretty cool. Final screening will be in Room 216 in […]

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Paradise Now movie poster Originally uploaded by Patient Boy. I rented this movie because it won the Independent Spirit award for best foreign film and since I can be such a sucker for foreign movies, I threw it into my Netflix queue. Said and Khaled are lifelong friends living in the Palestinian west bank. They […]

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They’re casting for the new TCF 389 movie next week. Check it out people! Reese Phifer Room 130, May 16th and 17th, 7pm-9pm. Kevin Pinkerton will direct.

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You wanna read the 10 page paper I wrote on Woody Allen for my TCF 440 class? Of course you do. (download 104k .pdf)

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I am fast becoming a fan of British director Danny Boyle. I saw 28 Days Later when it came on FX last month and was amazed how beautiful digital video could look. I haven’t seen Trainspotting yet, but from what I’ve heard people say, I’d probably like it. Now, thanks to a renewed subscription to […]