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amc monsterfest! 2

Dracula Originally uploaded by jlacpo. Whoohoo! I just found AMC’s horror movie schedule for this year! The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein…. The full schedule is a 1.2MB pdf. My DVR is going to be working overtime. So, some interesting things…I have pretty much decided not to go to grad school. After […]

graduation application Comments Off on graduation application

graduate Originally uploaded by Gid. Yesterday I went by the college’s office or whatever to do a graduation audit and I only lack 15 credits to graduate. I even filled out an application to graduate. I was mildly freaking out about that. I don’t have an internship, my portfolio sucks, and I haven’t filled out […]

neighborhood zoo 2

Thora’s Eye Originally uploaded by ninoka. Added to the list of stray animals that adopt our home (the others being a rabbit and an occasional dog) is a cat. There is a hole in the back of my closet that gives access to the pipes of the bathtub. It is not-so-well covered by a piece […]

gas guzzling Comments Off on gas guzzling

different view Originally uploaded by *Meg. I haven’t rode my bike for school for about a week. I just don’t feel like riding in 100+ degrees and with the 100% humidity of Alabama. If it were a longer ride, I would just swing by the Rec and take a shower, but it is only about […]

swat 2

fuerza bruta, muy bruta Originally uploaded by Sebastian Miquel. In my psychology and law class we had a corporal from the Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Office come and speak. It was probably one of the most interesting presentations that I’ve seen in college. Corp. Holloway is a member of the Tactical devision (SWAT) and also is […]