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skipping two classes 1

Barton Springs Pool Originally uploaded by pradura. I skipped class yesterday and headed to Magnolia. I had a pretty good time. I didn’t do anything necessarily special, but this morning was pretty cool. I woke up (was woken up, rather) at six by Mom who wanted to have Dad tell me how to fix my […]

world wide wait (again) 5

internet cafe, syria Originally uploaded by technekai. I had cable internet…and now I don’t. I got the first bill and realized that I pretty much couldn’t afford it. So, I am back to free dial-up. Huzzah. I got another wedding to edit. A lot of the footage on this one is a little rough. About […]

street art Comments Off on street art

Check out this awesome Flickr gallery of street art by Barrybar.

no tv? no tv! Comments Off on no tv? no tv!

qualle Originally uploaded by Laliste. I decided to partially give up TV for a while in an effort to be more productive. My exceptions to the rule are The Simpsons and Family Guy. Well, those shows and basically anything that comes on Adult Swim. So pretty much no TV until 5pm and then nothing during […]

Riot control ray gun worries scientists | CNET Comments Off on Riot control ray gun worries scientists | CNET

Riot control ray gun worries scientists | CNET A ray gun, man. A ray gun.