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sidewalk 2006 Comments Off on sidewalk 2006

I’ll post more about the festival later, but here are some pictures I took to keep you all on the edge of your seats.

episode 8 – new apartment 1

A tour of the new apartment. Play Quicktime version Play Flash Version on YouTube.

first night 2

1034 Originally uploaded by Scoutress. David and I moved in last night. For me, this consisted of putting 3 backpacks full of clothes in the middle of my bedroom and the computer in the corner. I hung up my flannel sheets on the door because on my way into the house, I accidently dipped them […]

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Doors within doors Originally uploaded by Timothy Neesam. BTW…the picture is not from the new place. So, David and I go tomorrow morning to sign the lease on the new apartment. Whoohoo! I’ll post pictures/videos later.

episode 7 – cliff jumping 7

We go jumping…off cliffs. Play Quicktime version Play Flash version on YouTube.