Monthly Archives: December 2007

locked out 4

As soon as my car door closed, I knew my keys were locked inside.  I jammed my hands into my pockets.  I was hoping that I had my keys and I just couldn’t feel them.  All I found was my cell phone and my wallet.  I looked at my apartment building.  They key to my […]

the big secret about santa 3

Here is the story I read tonight at the Ward Christmas Party.  Thanks for everyone for laughing at the right moments! — Once my parent’s Dodge Dynasty pulled to a stop on the side of the road near Teton, Idaho, all four doors opened and everyone bolted from the car.  Everyone that is, except me.  […]

you’re a strange man, charlie brown 3

I thought the caricature  artist  was taking too many liberties with my chin as he sketched me standing on the roof of a house with a rope in my hands.  I was lowering my companion, Elder J. de Souza, down the chimney.  He had a Book of Mormon under his arm and his narrow eyes […]