january 31, 2002

The sky threatened rain, but the gaze of the missionaries was fixed on the sidewalk in front of them ? one more discussion in which the investigator had said he wasn?t feeling anything and wasn?t interested anymore.

A revivalist preacher had set up camp in a parking lot and, with speakers larger than Volkswagens, was filing the air with hellfire and damnation.

One of the missionaries turned to the other, ?I don?t understand it.  Why aren?t they feeling anything??

?I don?t know?? was the response.

We have traveled over one hundred and fifty miles and this was the first house that we were inspired to stop at.  We carry the message that Christ has restored His church, calling a prophet.

The pastor?s gnashing of teeth reached a climax, blasting ?Halleluiah!? against the windows of every house in the neighborhood.  But the missionaries weren’t listening anymore.

?You remember that sunday school tape that we watched about the Doctrine and Covenants today?? asked one.

?Yeah,? responded the other.

?The same religious climate that existed at that time exists today in Brasil.  I think we need to change the way we teach,? said the first missionary.

?I was thinking the same thing,? said the other, quickening his pace. ?I think we need to testify more.  We need to let these people know that Christ?s church is on the earth again.  We aren?t just another Protestant church that says pretty things.?

?We need to emphasize Joseph Smith more, too,? the other missionary joined in with renewed excitement.

The conversation continued until the missionaries knelt in prayer in their small room, thanking their Father for the guidance given and the strength needed to take the few steps that were illuminated for them.

Thunder grumbled and the rain began to fall.  As it did, a calm silence spread across the neighborhood.

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  1. Wow. Beautiful.

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  2. I really liked that. Very beautiful and well written.

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