a tendency to maintain momentum

I ended up wasting all of today. It was going to be productive. I started out productive, but before I realized it, the day was over and very little of value had been taken care of.

I washed the dishes, at least.

Friday night I went to the first concert I’ve been to in a while…a long while. I went to see Enursha play at the Jupiter. Alright, I have to admit that the only reason I went is because I know one of the guys in the band.

The band definitely has an Incubus feel to them. In fact, they covered “Megalomanic”, a song which I didn’t like when I heard the original on CD, but came to life when Enursha sang it in the club. Actually, Enursha is what you would get if you mixed Incubus with a bit of Hawthorne Heights screaming and choreographed it with Fall Out Boy‘s stage jumping. Chris would be very offended if he knew I compared his band to Fall Out Boy, but whatever, he doesn’t care what I think.

Vocals were solid and I thought that they had a polished sound that you normally don’t hear from local bands. After a while, many the songs began to run together and were hard to distinguish, but I find myself thinking that about a lot of bands, so it’s hard to really fault Enursha for that.

Enursha will be heard in the soundtrack for the upcoming stickman animation that David and I are working on.