wouldn’t it be cool if real life were like that?

If only I lived my life like I do in my dreams:

I dreamed I was attending a Bright Eyes concert at the Roxy (which suspiciously looked an awful lot like The Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa). It was a Christmas concert so he was singing carols. I think the reasoning was that I’ve only heard one Bright Eyes song, so this was my brain’s work-around. I was listening to the concert thinking “After the concert, I’ll go home and it’ll be over. I need to do something to make this memorable.” So I run up on stage and start singing Christmas songs with Bright Eyes. At which, of course, the crowd goes nuts. Bright Eyes and I continue to massive applause for three more songs until the concert was over and I help him pack up. For some reason it was entirely plausible for a artist performing solo to have two microphones set up, but whatever.

In the dream, the next morning Garrett Hutchison and I planned a pancake breakfast for homeless people. See, in my dreams I’m a music sensation and I give back to the community.

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  1. Kim

    I particularly like the ones that I’m a spy. OH I had one about naked people and Garrett was one of them ha ha…

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